Caroling St. Louis - St. Louis Premiere Christmas Caroling Group, run by Amalia LaViolette. We hire singers from Stages, the Muny, and the St. Louis Symphony Chorus, so we have some of the best singers in the St. Louis area! Venues include several area country clubs, the Botanical Garden, the Art Museum, The Old Courthouse, The Kemp Auto Museum, and many, many more.

Arts For Life - ARTS FOR LIFE has a two-fold purpose: It is dedicated to benefiting and enlightening the community at large by supporting, recognizing, and promoting community theatre. Secondly, it desires to provide charity to special needs groups through the presentation of book and original musical theatre productions. This corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

Caberet Hotline Online - Cabaret Hotline Online is an independent website with more than 6200 pages of news, information and stories on cabaret, owned and maintained by Stu Hamstra, as well as a free email newsletter sent to nearly 2,600 subscribers all over the world. Cabaret Hotline Online is not affiliated with any club or organization. It is totally supported through membership and donations.

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